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Casino Slots: A Wild Craze Among Gamers

Casino Slots: A Wild Craze Among Gamers

Casino slots with their amazing graphics, music, and themes have been mesmerizing the gambling world. The popularity further heightens with progressive jackpots, lucrative bonuses, and free spins.

As the owner of an online gambling platform, one should not only be an expert in handling the financial and managerial aspects of the internet gambling industry but also be efficient with the casino content. Slot machines are one of the gigantic sectors of online casinos and constitute the chief source of revenue for the operators. Here, we will help you get acquainted with the variants of slot machines; understand the demands of the customers and revenue generation for your better understanding.

What are Slot Machines and How do they Work?                            

The contributions of programmers, designers, and mathematicians constitute a slot machine. Besides the symbols, interface elements, payouts, and background, the RTP or Return to Player is an important parameter that signifies the percentage of money a gambler can expect to get back in the time to come. The number is usually between 94-98%.

A conventional slot machine comes with a couple of primary elements- an interface with gambling buttons and a playing space or field. Another button opens up to display the game rules, video and sound quality, paytable, auto spin feature, and other necessary settings. A 5 reels slot machine can have either 3 or 4 rows of icons. To trigger the spinning if the reels, tap the ‘Spin’. When the reels come to a stop and there is a winning situation, the player gets awarded with a prize. A slot has a certain number of pay lines that can be broken or strictly horizontal. To win, the player has to land 2 or 3 identical symbols on a line, starting from the left.

The Wild Symbol: The Wild Symbol, in most slots, can substitute every other symbol except the Scatter and Bonus symbols to form winning combinations on the reels.

The Scatter Symbol: The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, is crucial in triggering Free Spins or Bonus Games. Players would need to land these Scatter symbols on all or some of the reels to trigger a winning arrangement.

How Do We Categorize Slot Machines

Slots can be categorized on the basis of a number of parameters:

  1. The number of reels: Slots can have the classic 3 reels or modern 5 reels.
  2. Themes: Slots are based on various themes like fantasy, horror, fruits, mythology, ancient Egypt, celebrities, sports, etc.
  3. Bet limits: Gamblers always prefer slots with a flexible betting range, so that they can bet as little or as much according to their convenience.
  4. Volatility: Slot software can be of low, medium, or high volatility. The low volatility slots usually payout every spin but in a minimal amount, whereas the high volatility slots payout in huge amounts but pretty rarely.

The Deal about Jackpots

You might be wondering whether to add slots with progressive jackpots or not. Our answer would be, yes most definitely. Progressive Jackpots are a grand prize that increases cumulatively depending on a predetermined factor, every time the game is played and the jackpot is not won. This jackpot category has been very lucrative and hence amazingly popular among players.

But, there are certain things to take into consideration. The Network Jackpots is composed of bets made by gamblers across all the casinos that operate the game concerned. The win is granted by the operator and not the casino. The “local jackpots” are composed of the bets the players make at a particular casino. In this case, too, the payment has to be done by the operator. Although, it would be a great advertisement if the gambler happened to win it at your casino.

In Conclusion

A more comprehensible and simple user interface and navigation across the casino site will only add to the perks of your casino. Adding filters and sorters make it easier for the customer to narrow down their preferences from amidst the huge assortment of slots usually available at online casinos.

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