Best horse racing software in class from MBK777

Horse and greyhound racing software

MBK777 has rolled out the brand new horse racing software that supports HD quality. For players, the product looks like real horse racing simulator - the platform supports different modes of operation to accommodate the functionality of betting software and horse racing broadcasting.

The horse racing software from MBK777 has the following features:

  • Broadcasting HD-races of greyhounds and horses
  • Support for various languages and currencies
  • Original mathematics is behind the greyhound racing software
  • Bonus systems for agents, for cashiers, for players
  • Full and multifunctional admin panel that allows customization of all the parameters of horse betting software
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

MBK777 delivers the best horse racing software in HD on the market. Check out a short demo video.



MBK777 horse betting software and greyhound racing software

Behind the scenes, the system employs complex mathematical algorithms to support the platform operations and maximize the profits for betting shop owners and other operators. Majority of processes and operations are automated so they require almost no attention. Our support service engineers help tune up the solution and integrate it with the client’s existing platform or to set up everything from the scratch. Minimal to no changes to the existing client platform is required to make sure the product is properly connected. The MBK777 product team is working on the product further improvements and this means that the client receives all the updates and improvements.

This is a new product on the market and it attracts the interest of gamblers. This is an opportunity for operators and agents to attract new players and increase the retention of existing ones.

Although the MBK777 product is new it is based on the reliable framework that the company has developed in the last few years. The platform has pre-packaged integration connectors to make sure time to market for this product is minimal.

Please reach out to our engineers for a free consultation on how MBK777 can help your company to earn more with our new product.


MBK777 horse racing software and greyhound software

Virtual horse and greyhound racing are gaining popularity as it doesn't depend on a season. Players can bet on 6/8 horses or greyhounds that are racing at the track. All the event information, horses and greyhound distribution and how they run is modeled by the software that’s why it is called “Virtual horse and greyhound racing”. The quality of the gambling experience depends on the algorithms being used and how the software looks. 

Take a look at our service features:

  • Easy installation
  • High code stability
  • Both online and offline operation modes are supported
  • Finance management (limits, bonuses, etc.)
  • Unique horse racing betting software in HD quality
  • Fast and easy API Integration into your project!
  • 24/7 support