MBK777 is a leading provider of gambling software for halls

MBK777 is a leading provider of gambling software for halls

Check out our unique product for gambling halls, retail shops and agents. Increase your profit with our solution and impress your clients with one of a kind gambling software - MBK777.

Gambling software for sale from MBK777

Gambling hall and retail shop owners look for ways to increase profits with newer and improved betting shop software and the iGaming industry is offering many options.

The challenge is that many vendors offer non-original content that players don’t perceive as the new one.  Many vendors who develop gambling software for sale use outdated technology and there are additional expenses associated with that for casino owners

  1. Existing platform rebuilding to accommodate new products
  2. Lack of proper updates
  3. Obsolete technology drives the cost up (fewer people with the right skill)
  4. Quality of code has some room for improvement (bugs -> downtime -> fewer profits)

MBK777 is top notch gambling software provider

MBK777 is a gambling software developer and publisher. The company is different from the competition in the following key areas

  • Only original content (own writers, artists, designers, etc.). Every product has a clear and attractive storyline that guarantees high interest from players (more time spent -> more revenue)
  • Own business analysis, development, support teams (we value our clients business and we don’t outsource, we do everything in house)
  • The talent quality (we employ engineering talent from the former Soviet Union and it is literally the same pool that Boeing, Deutsche Bank, UBS, and many other high-end technology companies use). The state of art engineering solutions allows us to deliver the same great quality, but in a shorter time – we pass these savings to our clients. 
  • We offer a number of partnership mechanisms with flexible pricing (includes white label offers). We strive to increase your revenue as our client's success is our success too. 
  • Our company has a well defined long term strategy to become one of the best providers of gambling software. Our product strategy is split into several verticals with major releases every half a year and intermediate/smaller ones every quarter. We constantly develop and improve our products as we believe our long term strategy allows our clients to increase their market share and boost their profits.

The software includes our brand new feature -Bet'N'Go. Designed for players who want to enjoy gaming at home or any other place.

MBK777 Value proposition

The MBK777 product portfolio is well balanced and tailored to the demands of our clients. All the software can be integrated with your project (both branded and white label options are available). The products list includes the following games:

  • Slots software (HTML5 Slots). MBK777 developed a unique selection of original and classic games that includes over 100 titles. These games are especially popular among casino owners, operators, and agents as they generate predictably high cash flow. Gamblers enjoy these games as they are visibly better than the competition both from design and gameplay process standpoint.
  • Live games software (Keno, Bingo and Roulette). This product line consists of MBK777 implementation of these classic games. Although the gameplay is classic the content is fully original and was developed by MBK777. Casino operators and owners value this product line because it is very attractive for gamblers. For them, this product is preferred because of the low start threshold. The number of bets can be very small, but since each round is very short it adds up to a significant revenue stream. This product, as well as all MBK777 games, has a video lottery terminal software version.
  • Virtual horse and greyhound racing software. This is a new product that MBK777 has recently rolled out to the market. It features HD gambling experience and could be the reason why players come to play at your casino. 

Order a free demo product, test and evaluate its capabilities. To do this, simply fill in a few fields.